Monday, July 22, 2024

Building and Remodeling Documents

The building committee requires 2 sets of “D” size drawings of the exterior along with your calculations for approval before the Township will issue permits.  One set will be signed, stamped with approval, and returned to you.  The other will be kept by the committee.

If you are building or remodeling the exterior of your home the deed restrictions state:

Shingle, wood, asbestos, metal, plastic, or siding of any other kind may be used as finished exterior, but shall not exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the total exterior surface, excluding roof area. The balance of the finish exterior, excluding windows and doors, must be brick, split rock, or stone individually mortared into place on site.”

There are other requirements, but this one is confusing to many people.

You can find all the deed restrictions here

This link is an excel file to help you calculate the percentage of non-brick.  You need to know the total surface area of the exterior walls; (including windows and doors).  You also need to know the total surface area of non-brick surfaces such as siding; (do not include windows and doors).  Enter the values into the spreadsheet or divide the non-brick number by the total area and multiply by 100 to get the percentage of non-brick.  The percentage of non-brick must be less than 25%